Active Energy Healing

My lovely mother talks about her one-of-a-kind energy healing technique she calls “Active Energy Healing.” If you’d like to get in touch with my mom to book a session/ inquire about her other services, email her at laurieturunen@gmail.com She’s in the process of putting a website together, so for now, email is best. :)

www.bioenergydoctor.com Are you seeking a life of wellness, vitality, prosperity, and happiness? A life filled with possibilities and broadened horizons? I believe that you can achieve these goals – through Bio-Energy Healing. Are you willing to consider a new way of thinking? Bio-Energy Healing is a new way of thinking. Illness and wellness exist on a continuum. As you move towards one, you move away from the other. Wellness is more than just biological health. It encompasses our psychological, emotional and spiritual life health, too! Based upon metaphysical theories and scientific principles, Bio-Energy Healing is changing the lives of my patients, dramatically improving their health and wellness, enriching their lives. Perhaps you, too, are ready to take control of your health and destiny. Contact Dr. Judith L. Guistini: drjudith2241@earthlink.net More Episodes on the way! 2009 Oroboros Productions
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  1. Hurls47 says:

    : One has to experience Spirituality first hand. It’s hard to explain. I’m surprised your so sceptical.. being philosophical and all ;)

  2. LeijaTurunen says:

    Thank-you!!! And yes, it’s called “YOU are an Energy Healer!!!” Cheers :)

  3. frantastic2012 says:

    Was there a part two? I’ll keep searching… :) You two are amazing! xo.

  4. Deepmindandheartlife says:

    i do it too. by instinct. but i have to buid it up. and comes out in a much slower pace. don’t know if it’s reiki.

  5. TheSuperMAn1989 says:

    This way of healing was taugh by Jesus to his disciples as “to put the hands” and the healing energy is the Universal Fluid emanating from The Creator which is everywhere as the all bounding universal fluid energy and anyone can learn to do this good to all, including oneself, with a simple show as this one and the correct explanation. It is taugh at the Spiritual School Basilio, since it was founded in 1917 and I learned and use it since I was a child; it is done for free.

  6. tokyoVENUSgirl says:

    love it love it love it :D

  7. Angeliquify says:

    I LOVE IT!!! Your mom seems so in tune and far out… great vibes! I miss receiving Reconnective Healing from someone else! Gotta get in touch with you mom Leija!

  8. LeijaTurunen says:

    It was actually changed slightly. I updated it in the info section of this video. :) 

  9. celeste9175 says:

    You should ask your mom to do that to your heart chakra while your going through your current expansion. It will help relieve any chest pains <3 I wish she lived near me ;) lol <3

  10. celeste9175 says:

    Interesting I can see your mother’s higher self step in when she does that. Tall and thin and very light looking. She doesn’t mess around lol <3

  11. MrKukec says:

    long ago i was very sick and no one knew what was wrong with me, doctors put me on xanex i even done exorcism, nothing helped nothing, and then i heard about a guy that lived next town he was doing so as he called bio energy, first time i met him and after first session i was different person and after third session i was CURED!!! this is not a spam this is not a fairy tail this is true story.

    I wold love to know where do you practice and how to make appt. i feel i need this done again thanks

  12. flipsidebznor says:

    you and your moms are awsome!!! Thank you ive just recently began to heal others and my self Namaste

  13. PhilosopherManguy says:

    so what is the belief system here? What significance is there in this “energy”? And what aliens, and why?This sounds no different than the mystics and shamans in africa who will spit on people or the greek oracles who would work themselves up or take drugs and make some story up for the person and tell them that they are healed or helped. What reason does anyone have to believe that this is anything more than wishful thinking? You learned in a class? Nowadays you can get certified for anything

  14. angomako says:

    so sweet mother and daughter light-workers:)

  15. Kcreech101 says:

    i can seee the light and color

  16. LeijaTurunen says:

    Oh yeah, I’ve looked into Matrix Energetics and was going to take a course in it last year… still might take it! :)

  17. latestaley says:

    Reconnective healing is awesome. Moldavite generates alien energy as well (or so some say); I used to sleep with it on my third eye (amazing to say the least.) If you’re looking for something that will really blow your mind, check out matrix energetics. Matrix gives you insights into how to ‘play’ with the universe.

  18. goddessofdivinity says:

    Now i know why you are so healthy and inspiring…!! your mom heals you consciously and actively!! i bet i would be so different if my mom was the same way but different path different life experience~~

  19. natem20 says:

    I read this, “when the power of love ovecomes the love for power the world will know peace.”

  20. 2003SCT says:

    “When I am done with you, your legs will be the same length?” Seriously, I would love to see you making inch changes from the stuff you are doing. Sure is relaxing though..lol.

  21. aceldama99 says:

    This is called Kinesiology where I come from. Bio-Energy is totally different. Both excellent treatments though. Very effective. It’s great to see chiropractors working with the energy and getting to the core problems. It’s just a pity that narrow minded people feel the need to post negative comments that only shows their complete lack of understanding of the fact that all life in it’s smallest form is impulses of energy. The entire universe is made up of the same.

  22. migo53333 says:

    depending on the moment, diseases have been put into remission with energy healing………Jesus was more than likely a rieki master….do the research.

  23. migo53333 says:

    try it…you would be amazed………

  24. 803badmutha says:

    Everybody ought to learn a little bit about the musculo-skeletal system, so that they can see through crap like “muscle testing.” As if “testing” the strength of one’s hip abductors with closed and open eyes means anything at all.

  25. 803badmutha says:

    Chiropractor AND christian. Wowza. How come neither gods or chiropractors can’t heal real illnesses like cancer or aids, but they are reeeally good at handling migraines?

  26. BioEnergyDoctor says:

    You are invited for a FREE consultation.

  27. joeysipos says:

    Im starting to believe this energy healing stuff. I see a change in myself and my phyisical problems after I started practicing it. I read the book “The healing codes” and it sort of has to do with this stuff. Passing positive engery through your body to cure the negative/ bad memories. Powerful stuff!

  28. BioEnergyDoctor says:

    I am a Chiropractor (for 40 years) specilizing in Bio-Energy Healing
    Bio-Energy Healing takes into account that your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and memories and what you eat, drink, breathe, and how you exercise and rest all affect your physiology. There is a specific way of identifying what people need to do and helping them in each category. Thanks for contacting me, Dr. Judith

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