Australian Based Author, Joanne Bellew, Dreams “Karma Sunsets” for Young Adults with Debut Book Release

Australian Based Author, Joanne Bellew, Dreams “Karma Sunsets” for Young Adults with Debut Book Release

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) May 07, 2011

In the midst of 2011, the luminous 2012 is just around the corner. As more and more souls awaken to the infinite possibilities of what this year has to hold, these individuals will begin to seek enlightened ancient knowledge that has the ability to bring one back to what we innately know will create our most powerful selves. The Australian based author, Joanne Bellew, aka Australia’s Karma Jo, is one such individual. She has devoted her working life to seeking this greater universal knowledge in an effort to move people from their past to live the life they dream of.

Inspired by her two young daughters, she has gifted the world a new book entitled, “Karma Sunset.” A color filled, easy to read handbook, with a beautiful website accompaniment, “Karma Sunset” explores, explains and highlights the many facets of the seven chakras and allows one to incorporate the powers of these chakras into their life with little effort and many rewards. The simple language, beautiful imagery and sturdy form make it the perfect vehicle for the novice, old and young alike, exploring the guide map to his or her higher self. The 150 page book is a delightful tool outlining common sense, soul fulfilling and powerfully uplifting passages.

Written for everybody, but particularly with today’s youth in mind, every day issues that teens and young adults face are explored from a metaphysical viewpoint. Topics include how to stay safe on a night out; how to present yourself and communicate in situations such as job interviews; the down side to drug and alcohol abuse and addiction; creating healthy relationships and friendships; what to do when suffering from a broken heart; feeling down and how to start new beginnings. Concise and straight to the point, youth gain a strength from this book that will benefit them every day so they can grow into strong and emotionally balanced individuals ready for a new world.

Explains Bellew, “With a new age upon us, we are all bracing ourselves for what is to come, dealing with the karmic reactions to our history and our own personal experiences. I want to give people the tools to create a bright future even when their minds are confused and they are at a low point. We must take ancient knowledge seriously. ‘Karma Sunset’ is a vehicle for exploring your inner self yet written in a format that young people can accept and embrace. Every person deserves an abundant and joy filled life. Our children need to know this now more than ever. Today’s world presents so many negative distractions for our youth. They need tools to stay focused and ‘Karma Sunset’ is one such tool.”

The universal laws of karma and attraction are like the rising and setting of the sun. Regardless of how we feel about them, they are a constant in our lives and cannot be denied. “Karma Sunset” is one mother’s heartfelt vision for the children of tomorrow. Create a beautiful sunset for yourself and those around you, explore “Karma Sunset” at http://www.karmasunset.com now.



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