Chakra Balancing Part 1 with Michelle Childerley

www.myGenie.tv Chakra Balancing DVD with Michelle Childerley AAMET If you want to enjoy a feeling of well being it is vital to maintain balance in the body’s energy centres or chakras. The body’s chakras or centres of energy ensure the flow of vital energy around the body to support the immune system and to promote well being and vibrant health. Chakra Balancing empowers you with ancient knowledge of how the chakras work and will teach you 2 powerful energy techniques that will balance your chakras. Join Michelle Childerley as she explains in amazing detail how the chakra system works and shows you how to balance each chakra using the EFT emotional freedom technique and the Balance procedure. This inspirational and easy-to-use 8-part DVD shows you how to quickly balance the following chakras: 1. Base Chakra 2. Sacral Chakra 3. Solar Plexus Chakra 4. Heart Chakra 5. Throat Chakra 6. Third Eye Chakra 7. Crown Chakra Realise your potential to feel good and balance your energy the easy way! Grab the DVD here: www.myGenie.tv
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    thanks for your short and clear introduction of the chakra system

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