Energy Healer Stephen Co Demonstrates Pranic Healing with Crystals

Healing Master Stephen Co uses God’s power tools, crystals and gemstones, to cleanse, heal, and refresh the human life force. — BestofEastWest features excerpts of talks, concerts, and workshops held at the legendary East West Bookshop in Mountain View, California. www.eastwest.com
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  1. MrGooram says:

    @venkimayyu Cheers

  2. pyllywaltteri says:

    these kind of videos have to be longer

  3. Dtodo1pocoo says:

    jeje al principio se me hace un mimo xD pero me gusta ver el video, es relajante

  4. Healthypig1423 says:

    this guy is at work

  5. spanier24 says:

    @kidal91 Man, we just try to fight against ignorance.

  6. venkimayyu says:

    @MrGooram The wetting of hands is to cleanse the dirty/disese energy. The liquid is alcohol sometimes mixed with lavender oil.

  7. BestofEastWest says:

    You might have a point, except for the fact that this is not a science lab. It is simply healing practice that involves other than physical, other than scientifically understood or energies.
    By my earlier comments, I questioned today’s scientific establishment and its blind rejection of any study that concludes with the possibility that such energies even exist.

  8. foraquid says:

    @BestofEastWest All you have done is re-state what you already think, which is perhaps the definition of dogmaticism. What is seen here is some form of metaphysics. Even natural science involves metaphysics, for instance “big bang” science (since they cannot directly “see” or prove modern theories of “everything”). However within the scientific community “everything” science is treated as a hypothesis, unlike here where there is no (acceptable) method of verification.

  9. TrueArche says:

    Everything is so mystical, especially the “patient” in his sacred Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt.

  10. AbstractLucidity says:

    Spraying the hands is cleaning them, thus cleaning off the negative energy so that the healer doesn’t keep the negative with him.

  11. pyllywaltteri says:

    this is exactly what I needed

  12. MrGooram says:

    Could you explain the wetting of the hands with the spray bottle by the assistant? Is it for cleansing your hands? I’m interested to know.

  13. BestofEastWest says:

    “natural science and non physical definitions of life are like oil and water.”
    This is exactly the sort of un-scientific dogmatism that explains academia’s current climate of suppression.

    Once again: if any study, any article dares to conclude that non-physical realities are worthy of serious consideration, it is treated like religious heresy.

  14. AZDivineHealingHands says:

    There will be an awesome Divine Healing Hands workshop in Scottsdale, AZ. It will be taught by Master Sha and one of the WWR. For detail, please go to azdivinehealinghands . com

    DHH training will take place in a 3 Day training on 3/30/12-4/1/12

  15. foraquid says:

    @BestofEastWest the only available definition of life past that of physical laws is social, debates about natural science will always win because they have verified methods which do not rely on overly subjective “experiences”. As such I agree in a way with Kidal91: physicalist commitments do not need to be displayed here, since natural science and non physical definitions of life are like oil and water. But I disagree that any comment should be disabled (a little anti democratic)

  16. SeanZur says:

    I need energy healing lol

  17. BestofEastWest says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. However, I believe that the debate below has actually been helpfully clarifying.

    If you hit ‘see all’, you’ll find that the focus has not been on reiki per se, but on the rigidly dogmatic commitment of today’s science to a purely physical definition of life.

    Though that commitment is obvious enough, I touched on the specific case of a science journal editor who was hounded and harassed simply for putting a heretical article through peer review.

  18. kidal91 says:

    atma namaste. i suggest you refrain from discussing back and forth with persons who are talking rudely and harshly about Pranic Healing or disable comments on the video. This is very powerful stuff being shown here .you shouldn’t put so much energy into arguments that seem to go no where..

  19. BestofEastWest says:

    Please google peer review, look up ‘religion’ in the dictionary, then read my comments again.
    Merry Christmas!

  20. totheman says:

    @BestofEastWest I would be open to consider this a possibility, but I would need more than your side of things to understand what happened, do you have a article or something? Ideally from a neutral source?

  21. totheman says:

    @BestofEastWest There really is nothing esoteric about it, I will assume also that you have no evidence to back up your original position aswell.

  22. totheman says:

    @BestofEastWest “Atheists get to redefine English” No, it has nothing to do with words being redefined, maybe you think that because you don’t know
    what they mean. What is meant by the term positive assertion, is when someone
    makes a claim to the existence of something, in this case, the thiests making
    the claim of the existence of a diety.

    A negative assertion, ie atheism, which is predicated on the lack of evidence
    on behalf of the positive assertion made by the thiests, ie god exists.

  23. BestofEastWest says:

    You’re misunderstanding the Sternberg heresy scandal. As editor, Sternberg merely ok’d Dr. Meyer’s article for peer review. The actual reviewers, generally 3 or more of Meyer’s ‘peers’, had no idea who authored the article. And therein lies the problem: The article got appraised for its scientific credibility alone. Naturally enough, the cult of Atheism cried foul.

  24. BestofEastWest says:

    Ah yes, Atheists get to redefine English. Nothing about “positive assertion” in the definition of religion. And yet, it really needs that extra bit of self-serving gobbledygook. Otherwise Atheism won’t qualify as the only religious belief sanctioned by the US constitution. Can’t have that.

  25. totheman says:

    @BestofEastWest “Atheism can’t escape what it is” Still backing up your original claim I see. ” religious faith in the ultimate human condition”, like I say, atheism doesn’t make a positive assertion. “Oh and Sternberg was acting within his role as editor” actually “Contrary to typical editorial practices, the paper was published without review by any associate editor; Sternberg handled the entire review process.”. Peer review requires more than one person.

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