Energy Healing Remove Negative Thoughts

www.janeterickson.com What stops your life from being what you hope for. It can be those around you. It can be your environment. It can be your family history. All of these things have an impact. But the greatest impact on our well being is our thoughts. How we think is how we see the world. If you want the world to start to change then your thoughts have to start to change. The following meditation is designed to help start the process. Use the meditation on a regular bais and watch your world start becoming the way you want it to be.
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  1. austrianwing says:

    Love this straightfoward voice very healing thankyou

  2. WhitecloudHillis says:

    Thank you for experiencing a good vibration in your voice

  3. sophia2011ify says:

    thank you

  4. ljlitebird says:

    thank  you …

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