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Chakra Balancing Part 1 with Michelle Childerley

www.myGenie.tv Chakra Balancing DVD with Michelle Childerley AAMET If you want to enjoy a feeling of well being it is vital to maintain balance in the body’s energy centres or chakras. The body’s chakras or centres of energy ensure the flow of vital energy around the body to support the immune system and to promote …

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5 Minute Chakra Balancing

AndyBramhill.com This is an extract from the album HEALING CHAKRAS. Healing Chakras is a specially made album of music designed to help open and stimulate the chakras. It is an excellent meditation tool and can be used in all sorts of situations as relaxing background music for massage, yoga, reiki sessions, meditation etc. It can …

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Super Chakra Healing System

Super Chakra Healing System Brand New Cutting Edge Chakra Healing System. 7 Chakra Hypno-meditation Mp3′s, 8 Chakra Music With Subliminal Affirmations Mp3′s, Over 9 Hours Of Healing Chakra Recordings. Also Included Are 117 Page Chakra E-book, And A Bonus Valued At . Pays 60%. Super Chakra Healing System (view mobile) Fantastic, Life Changing E-book With …

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Reiki Healing Information : Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing requires placing your palms over each chakra, visualizing the color of the chakra and seeing the chakra spinning open and moving toward the ground. Move through each chakra, beginning with the root chakra, using information from a Reiki master in this free video on Reiki. Expert: Steve Long Contact: www.soulspacehh.com/ Bio: Steve Long …

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Polarity Therapy – Chakra Balancing

www.learnpolarity.com – full online chakra e-course A chakra balancing sequence from Polarity Therapy part of an online ecourse called Chakra Magic. Please visit www.learnpolarity.com If you enjoy this you can also visit Polarity.tv Video Rating: 4 / 5

528 Hz Schumann Chakra Balance (binaural beats & Solfeggio)

www.unisonicascension.com 528 Hz love frequency based meditation; with a Schumann resonance, binaural entrainment vibration rate of 7.8 Hz. This track has Solfeggio frequencies 63 Hz, 174 Hz, 285 Hz, 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz 852 Hz and 963 Hz. 528 Hz is the love frequency and is used as the …

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Why Chakra Balancing is Vital to Proper Health

The modern world has brought many amazing technological advances; but at the same time, it has led to a loss of awareness on the part of many people of the importance, even the existence of their spiritual welfare. We can learn a lot from Hindu philosophy, which has kept this knowledge of the vital role …

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Chakra Tonics by Elise Marie Collins

Chakra Tonics by Elise Marie Collins Boston, MA (PRWEB) December 17, 2005 Elise Collins has created the perfect guide and recipe book of smoothies, teas, and tonics to help us transform our overall health and vitality. Her restorative recipes contain powerful superfoods, herbs, …

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How to Bring Balance in Your Life: Seven Tips for Chakra Balance

When balance is brought about, absolutely everything works at its best. The environments, our diet, our bodies, power, government, the universe, the tides, the weather, the water cycle, and all other circles within our existence need to be at equilibrium to fully function. A well balanced body begins with a well balanced diet, a well …

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True Chakra

Check out these balance chakras products: True Chakra Created by World Renowned Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones, True Chakra is Designed to Help You Gain An Unlimited Amount of Energy. True Chakra

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